Walls of Jerico Trail head is only 10 miles from Circle E. The ranch offers the amenities needed to take advantage of
the two interconnecting trails located in this natural area.
Day riding trail fee
$15.00 per person
$25.00 per couple
We do not charge a trail fee for campers.
We don't rent horses.
ALL Horses must have a negative coggins with a 12 month period before unloading .
All Horses entering the state of Tennessee must have a current and up to date
Health Certificate
ALL Riders & Campers MUST  check in at the office to sign a Release
and Wavier of Liability Agreement before entering the trails.
Trail Ride Rules
- Trail bosses’ and assistants have absolute authority.
-There is a one time $5.00 cleaning fee for each stall.  Your stall is clean when you get here, and the $5.00
is for cleaning when you leave
- No racing or rough riding on trails or in camp.
- Do not tie your horse to a tree or water spicket.
- Wire and rope pens are not allowed.
- No alcoholic beverages on the trails or in the dining hall.
- We respect the right of all campers to enjoy the restful atmosphere at Circle E Ranch and request all campers be
respectful of each other.
- Your camp must be quiet by midnight.
- Be considerate of others. No loud music at any time.
- No vehicles cruising the camp after midnight.
- No food can be taken from the dining hall except by permission.
- No weapons or firearms.
- No littering. The campground is clean when you arrive, so please keep it that way.
- Your meal ticket is an armband. If you do not have it on, you do not eat. If you are a visitor, you may pay when you
come through the line.
- Pet must be kept on a leash at all times.
- No unauthorized ATV’s or motorcycles in camp or on the trails.
- If your horse kicks, you need a red ribbon to tie in the tail.
- We reserve the right to refuse any reservation.
- We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave.
- studs allowed with permission.
- 5 miles per hour in camp.
- NO PETS ALLOWED ON TRAIL, Please do not ask!

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